Taking the journey of entrepreneurship with your child is so exciting.

As parents, we all want our kids to be equipped to face any business challenge ahead. But, it’s easy to overlook the little things that go into being a successful startup.


Knowing Your Product

Today, we are going to dive in to the importance of knowing your product. A successful startup is run by individuals who know everything there is to know about what they are selling. They essentially become ambassadors for their product or service.

This should be no different for our kid entrepreneurs. They should be able to describe their product with ease. This will enable them to answer customer questions at any time with confidence.


Learning About Your Product

When they make their own homemade product, kids will get the chance to learn facts about it, like:

  • What ingredients are used.
  • The process of making it from start to finish.
  • What it looks, smells or tastes like.
  • How it was packaged.

This is valuable information when selling products in person, like at a farmer's market, where customers can have lots of questions.


Testing & Feedback

Kidpreneurs should also test their product so that they know exactly how it should be used by their customers.


  • Did they make dog treats? Have a few local pups test them out.
  • Did they make bath bombs? Test one out in their bath tonight.
  • Did they make cake pops? They have to taste-test one, of course!


When testing out their product, encourage them to take notes about the experience and get feedback from family members. The more you discuss the product, the better equipped your child will be in social situations when they are selling their product to real customers.


Test Your Knowledge

Now it's time to test their knowledge about their product. Download the PDF by clicking the filename below. Print the activity sheet to get started.

For this activity, your kidpreneur will create a mock online listing for their product. This type of activity allows your child to be creative about designing their mock online store, while being analytical about describing their product. 

Once your child has completed the worksheet, check their work out loud to spark a dialog about their description. Next, snap a picture and share it with us! We love to see what our young CEOs are creating!

Send your photo to support@bossclub.co or post it on social media and tag us @bossclubco on Instagram to be featured.