Each kit comes with everything needed for an entrepreneurial experience: raw ingredients, packaging materials, advertising flyers, and a step-by-step curriculum. Perfect for ages 6-14! Shop our business boxes here.

Boss Club is great especially for children ages 6-14. We have written the curriculum so that it's approachable by a wide age range and have split up certain sections into easy, medium, and expert difficulties so that any age can get the most amount of information possible. The lower end of that range will require more adult supervision but children at the upper end of that range will be able to do the kit fairly autonomously. 

Boss Club is a one-time purchase and not a subscription. If you decide to grow your business we have Refill Kits available to restock on raw ingredients, packaging, and advertising materials.

Boss Club offers kids an engaging and educational entrepreneurial experience. Our business boxes are very similar to lemonade stands or bake sales. Each Boss Club box contains enough materials to make and sell around $50 in product.  While each state and locality will be a little different, these small projects are generally covered under the Cottage Law for house-made goods. Be sure to check any applicable regulations in your local area.  For more information by state please see: https://forrager.com/laws/.  For more information on cottage food laws in general please see the Food Law and Policy document compiled in partnership with Harvard Law School https://www.chlpi.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/FLPC_Cottage-Foods-Report_August-2018.pdf.  We cannot provide legal advice but we will do everything we can to point you in the right direction as your child achieves greater and greater levels of success and these issues become more and more relevant!

Every state is different but generally taxes are not due under a certain revenue threshold, often times around $600. Each Boss Club box comes with enough product to sell roughly $50 worth. Be sure to check the regulations in your area. (Fun fact: we do have Boss Club CEOs that have sold hundreds and hundreds of dollars of product and so this question is now relevant to them. Awesome success story!)

Absolutely! You can email us at support@bossclub.co or give us a ring at 214-702-6060.