Homemade Dog Treat Business (without ingredients)

Everything our standard kit includes, without the ingredients to make the dog treats.

This build-a-business box is the perfect gift and educational activity for ages 6-14+. It takes the nostalgic lemonade stand type business you used to run as a kid on the weekends and takes it to a whole new level by providing structure, guidance, and a platform for creativity.

Go from box opening to launching a real life business in just a few hours. This box comes loaded with: 

  • 40+ page curriculum book with step-by-step instructions that guides every step of the process from naming your company to baking your treats to marketing your product and so much more! The curriculum is approachable for a wide age range (we recommend 7-14+) as several sections are split out into "easy, medium, and expert" difficulty so that any age can understand the basic business lessons being taught. 
  • 1 dog bone-shaped cookie cutter. You won't believe how cute the little treats turn out! 
  • 10 bakery bags for high-quality packaging - your treats will be sold in style.
  • 10 bag sticker labels with template company logo and room to write in your own company name.
  • 10 allergen information stickers for each bag in order to keep your dog customers happy and healthy.
  • 3 advertising flyers to market your business (the curriculum provides templates of what to write).
  • 10 bag insert cards where you can write a note to each of your customers explaining the story of the business (the curriculum provides templates and inspiration for what to write).
  • 3 coupon template cards to hand out to customers for repeat purchases.
  • 10 "Thank You" notes to write each customer - the art of a good written thank you note is not yet lost!
  • Sharpie for writing. 

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Allergen Notice: This box contains a bag of peanut butter used in the recommended dog treat recipe. The box and its contents may have been or are exposed to peanut butter. Customers with allergies please be aware. If you would like to discuss a peanut butter substitute in your box, please visit the contact page and reach out. We'd be glad to help.